It’s not new news that bots are becoming more sophisticated, and acting like humans: filling up your landing page forms, clicking around and messing with your engagement metrics.

To mitigate this toxic traffic, you need to spend resources on identifying where the bots are coming from, what’s their behavior, and reject/exclude them from your marketing actions.

The problem can be as severe as 20% of your total traffic. The White Ops team recently launched a new product called “Marketing Integrity.”

Consider Marketing Integrity as protection for your advertising budget. The White Ops guys don’t get into too many technical details about how their platform works, but one point they make clear is they have a sophisticated way to detect sophisticated bots.

It is a tag-based detection system (you need to place tags/javascript snippets in your site.) That means they can’t stop bots from coming to your website, but they can detect them and report them back to you.

Armed with that information, you can tweak your firewalls, like AWS WAF, and exclude the bots traffic.


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Leo Celis