Ad Tech Engineering Consulting

Working on an Omni-channel Analytics Platform, or a Cross-Channel Tracking system? Do you need to build a prototype or custom tool fast?

In the ad tech industry, you are dealing with huge amounts of data coming from multiple sources, often in real-time and with different data models.

You need a team with experience in reconciling, analyzing, and driving insights from such a chaotic and rapid-changing ecosystem.

I can help you to build and train an engineering team specialized in Ad Tech:

  1. Innovation: MVP, prototyping, and custom solutions. 
  2. Microservices and NoSQL architecture design.
  3. Optimization and automation through A.I./Machine Learning.
  4. Integration with Ads APIs (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.)
  5. Mobile tracking solutions implementation (Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Tune, Branch.)
  6. Customer Journey analysis and optimization (Mixpanel, Oribi, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics.)
  7. API security audit and advanced bots traffic protection/mitigation.

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