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Loyalty under attack

“(…) the chances are good that there is a teenager out there who, at this very moment, is doing something to try to take advantage of open vulnerabilities that they found in your loyalty program.”  Comarch, “Why machine learning means […]

leocelis 03/11/20 Ad fraud

Skynet is stealing your ad money

It’s not new news that bots are becoming more sophisticated, and acting like humans: filling up your landing page forms, clicking around and messing with your engagement metrics. To mitigate this toxic traffic, you need to spend resources on identifying […]

leocelis 10/10/19 Ad fraud

How to prevent Ad Fraud in 2019?

White Ops and ANA recently launched the Bot Baseline Report. Bots are viewing and clicking our ads and spending our advertising money. The estimate losses for this year 2019 is $5.8 billion. The threat is real, measurable and evolving. What […]

leocelis 05/05/19 Ad fraud

Fake websites, real money

Before social media exists, advertisers used ad exchange networks to promote ads on different websites. Some of those websites are fake. A group of black-hat hackers will create fake versions of premium websites with resembling domains (e.g., and make […]

leocelis 03/11/19 Ad fraud

Browser Fingerprinting

It is a good thing that websites are given the option to refuse cookies. They can claim enabling cookies will provide you with a better experience, but no one wants to feel they are being observed. I’m almost positive most […]

leocelis 02/14/19 Ad fraud

Fake Attention

When your company is advertising on Google is paying for attention. Since attention can be faked in the digital world, paying for bot-generated attention is obviously a bad business. AppNexus’ stats said there will be a +200% increase in Ad […]

leocelis 12/28/18 Ad fraud

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)

Have you ever received a “led car bulbs” related comment on your blog? You could stop this by adding a captcha or just by disabling the comments. Unfortunately, this won’t solve the fact that you are receiving bots traffic. Let’s say you […]

leocelis 12/20/18 Ad fraud

Tracking is not evil

There has been an ongoing conversation about user’s privacy. Especially around tracking users actions. While it might feel wrong to track what the user is doing, there is no choice if you want to know if your ads are driving […]

leocelis 0 Comments 09/05/18 Ad fraud


You might think they don’t exist. They are a myth, or only interested in attacking high-profile YouTubers. Far from the truth. In addition to watching over the CPMs and CPAs in your ads, make sure you are also paying attention […]

leocelis 0 Comments 08/27/18 Ad fraud