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ROI in AdTech/MarTech products

Technology doesn’t get any closer to money-generation than in the marketing/advertising industry. Back in 2007, I was building an ERP for a D2C client. The project was estimated in two years, with three engineers dedicated to it. The client asked […]

leocelis 09/09/19 Business

The Paid Engine of Growth

Eric Ries defined three different types of growth engines in his book The Lean Startup. Marketing gurus like Seth Godin will tell you that the Viral Engine is the most critical one, that is, people spreading the word about you. […]

leocelis 08/24/19 Business

Facebook Audience Network Explained

When you run an ad on Facebook, the default channel is Facebook itself: users browsing through the newsfeed on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. You are reaching people either using the Facebook app or on Facebook’s website. The Facebook product […]

leocelis 07/26/19 Business

Growth marketers pain points

The term “growth” has been synonymous of marketing for the past few years. A growth marketer should take marketing to the last mile: revenue and referrals (and more revenue.) That’s because traditionally, marketing meant branding, and it did not include […]

leocelis 07/09/19 Business

About qualifying leads

In the B2B world, qualifying a lead has an essential role. Since you are not selling games or grooming products, your potential prospects need to have some level of knowledge before they can value your product/service. Let’s say you are […]

leocelis 07/04/19 Business