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Marketing data origin

We -as a marketing engineers- spend most of our time moving data around. We collect, reformat, and save data coming from multiple origins. It could be Google Trends serving data through a website, and then a python library storing the […]

leocelis 07/09/20 Data

100TB for $400/mo.

What’s the cheapest data storage? A file. Nothing beats a simple file. When you need to save data coming from an API, the minute you need to open a connection and stream the data to the database, you are consuming […]

leocelis 07/09/20 Data

Massive Data Migration Framework

Moving legacy data from a relational database to the cloud is becoming a common problem. Given that databases like MySQL degrade on performance as the data grows, they are being demoted to a simple configuration storage or debugging tools. If you […]

leocelis 05/29/20 Data

Tracking users is easy, but it is not cheap

There are a docent of user tracking tools in the market:, Oribi, Mixpanel, even Facebook (if you use their pixel.) In fact, it is so easy that a desktop tracking implementation will take less than a day. As fun […]

leocelis 10/11/19 Data

Turning Data into Decisions

How do you go from a Facebook ad stats to a campaign update decision? Once your engineering team did all the heavy lifting of connecting with the channels Ads APIs, storing the data in a normalized format, and make it […]

leocelis 08/25/19 Data

How to clean your data in 3 simple steps

As easy as it is to extract data from the web, there is a lot of noise out there. Data could be duplicated, irrelevant, inaccurate, incorrect, corrupt, or just don’t fit your analysis. How do you move from data quantity […]

leocelis 05/23/19 Data