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View-through tracking

How to measure a brand’s awareness? Some advertisers will try to bend the concept to make it look similar to direct marketing. “If I spend 100k in a brand ad, I would expect some results along the funnel.” Others will […]

leocelis 11/21/19 Definitions

Dimensions, Segmentation, Breakdowns

Each advertising channel has its terminology: they will refer to the same entity with different names. When you are pulling stats, you can group them by a specific category: age, gender, device, location. Google calls these dimensions, Twitter segmentation, and […]

leocelis 07/31/19 Definitions Product

The power user curve should smile you

You might not know how critical power users are for your company. If they leave, your business will suffer. Imagine Twitter losing that -small- percentage of users tweeting every single hour, attracting and engaging other users. How do you identify […]

leocelis 05/20/19 Definitions

Ad Tech Partner Badges

If you are a marketing agency, you might dream to have that shiny Facebook Partner badge on your website. Or, if you have an in-house marketing team, you might think you don’t need it. There is another aspect to winning […]

leocelis 0 Comments 09/12/18 Definitions

Attribution window

Ad Tech is full of fancy terms and acronyms. Some are important, others are buzzwords. Attribution window is one of those in the important category. Let’s say you are reading TechCrunch while commuting to work. You see an ad about […]

leocelis 0 Comments 08/22/18 Definitions