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Targeted Ads are not for C-Level executives

C-level executives are not immune to Targeted Ads. It is fundamentally wrong to think that executives won’t click on targeted ads or fill up lead forms. While in the recruiting business, I’ve spent ten grand on Facebook Ads, targeting CTOs looking for […]

leocelis 02/22/21 Facebook Ads

How to design Audiences for Facebook Ads

You can divide audiences into two groups: prospecting and retargeting. Prospecting: Interests: use the Facebook Graph to target people by common interests related to your brand. Lookalike: people similar to your current customer. Retargeting: Customers: a custom audience with your […]

leocelis 04/05/19 Facebook Ads

The cost of reaching people

Or rather, the attention cost. If Facebook has printed your ad 1,000 times and it cost you $10, it doesn’t mean anything from the optimization point of view. It is 0.01 cents per impression, what a bargain, let’s get more. […]

leocelis 04/01/19 Facebook Ads

Facebook Custom Audience Pixel

How do you know what the right audience is? This question is probably one of the most important in marketing. Target the wrong people, and you are wasting ad dollars. Target the right people, and you will build a money […]

leocelis 03/16/19 Facebook Ads