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My Machine Learning-powered subject analyzer told me that you would open this post. Was it right? The main challenge with building subject analyzers is to identify which features are relevant. Is it the subject’s length? A specific word? A combination […]

leocelis 08/30/19 Email Marketing Machine Learning

Correlation Matrix

Every day, you are spending money on ads. A platform like Facebook will tell you how many impressions you’ve got. The more your ads are printed, the more people you are reaching. Some might click on your ad, and some […]

leocelis 01/23/19 Machine Learning

Automated Insights

“People who use iPhone spend 50% more time in your app compared to all the users.” As simple as the above statement might be, it is the most sophisticated, fastest and easiest way to guide the media analysts on how […]

leocelis 01/18/19 Machine Learning

Predict anything

It doesn’t take a 50 engineers team and a 1M lines of code project to predict anything these days. new_pred = regressor.predict(new_dataset) Just one line of code. As simple as that. The real work (for which you need brain power […]

leocelis 12/17/18 Machine Learning