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VR Ads

Facebook recently announced Horizon, a VR multiplayer world. Inspired by Ready player one, Facebook is betting on Oculus to rely less on digital ads. I’m sure you’ve seen Ghost in the shell’s holographic ads. And in-game ads (especially in the […]

leocelis 10/12/19 Market

A.I. companies specialized on Facebook Ads

Long gone are the days where smart and talented media analysts were optimizing multi-million-dollar ad campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager and Excel. After more than a decade since Facebook Ads’ launch, today we have a new batch of companies specialized […]

leocelis 09/06/19 Market

Self-serve vs. Fully managed

The main difference is who hired the power users. In self-serve product companies, like Facebook Ads Manager or Marin Software, you need to hire and train the power users: the people who are knowledgeable enough to operate the tools. Agencies […]

leocelis 08/23/19 Market

How to evaluate an Ad Tech agency

There are two important variables you need to examine carefully when you hire an Ad Agency: transparency and technology. Transparency starts with the CEO. If she made it to the Glassdoor’s Top CEOs list that’s a great sign. The CEO […]

leocelis 06/22/19 Market

What’s the value of your domain name?

Long gone are the days where you could sell domain for 2.6M. The gold rush for domains is over, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how much your domain worth. How do you know if your domain worth […]

leocelis 05/25/19 Market

How will social media look in the future?

Almost 15 years ago, people were speculating about how social media will evolve. At some point, it became so complicated, so cluttered, that we stopped thinking about its future. It is hard to plan our next digital marketing moves if […]

leocelis 05/09/19 Market

Real-Time Marketing is not Real-Time spamming

Real-Time marketing is not a term we often heard anymore. With the advances in big data and machine learning the Minority Report’s “you can use a Guinness” ad might be possible (without the holographic part.) The goal is to create […]

leocelis 04/18/19 Market