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Who are the best marketing automation companies?

There aren’t many. If you are looking to simplify your martech stack and buy one tool that handles everything, there are just two worth to try: Hubspot and Marketo. There are more enterprise-level (aka more expensive) options like Salesforce Marketing […]

leocelis 04/10/19 Market

The new D2C era

Online-first D2C brands are replacing big legacy brands. Madison Reed vs. L’Oréal. Adore me vs. Victoria’s Secret. Technology is allowing, at a relatively cheap way, to interact and learn from consumers online. We are shifting from a mass-media advertising world […]

leocelis 03/05/19 Market

Avoid the MarTech stack trap

Putting together your MarTech stack is like building with Legos, except you need to create your own instructions. You should start by having a list of business cases: “I need to know which cohort of users has the biggest projected […]

leocelis 02/28/19 Market

What’s trending in Ad Tech for 2019?

Digital ad spend will represent the majority of the Ad spend. Programmatic (display) spend is decreasing (ad fraud maybe?.) Mobile ads are winning over desktop ads. Ad Fraud is increasing. How about technology? More companies are investing in AI and […]

leocelis 02/24/19 Market

What it takes to build a brand

IAB published a report about how to build a brand in today’s world. The no-brainer takeaway is that e-commerce dollars are winning. Long-live traditional brands like L’Oréal are losing market share to emerging brands like Madison Reed. It is not […]

leocelis 02/16/19 Market

Digital Marketing Agencies

Performance-driven, martech platform, dynamic bid/budget optimization, multi-channel support, LTV optimization, cross-platform/cross-channel/cross-device cohort analysis, experts at ROAS, full-service performance, Machine Learning data-driven automation (I made this last one up.) If you search for a digital marketing agency, you will be bombarded […]

leocelis 02/11/19 Market

Why Rocket Fuel failed

Rocket Fuel once was one of the best performance marketing companies in the world. Its core story was “give us your ads dollars, and we will use our AI-powered black-box to give you results.” But they underestimated the fear of […]

leocelis 02/01/19 Market

MarTech and Ad Tech industry

Ask any ad tech expert about the best available tools, and they will freeze with a blank face for five seconds. They will think on the dozens of products they’ve tried so far. In the current state of the industry, […]

leocelis 01/31/19 Market