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A new Product Development Process

Who is driving your Product Development? You will get very different products if your CTO, CMO, CEO, or even users drive your product roadmap. The features they propose might be the same, but the quality, end-result, and how you get […]

leocelis 01/25/21 Product

Users Champion

A developer wants to learn new technologies and solve a technically challenging problem. A product manager wants to build something unique. A founder doesn’t want to miss a business opportunity. An investor wants to grow a company. If you ask […]

leocelis 09/26/20 Product

Machine Learning Use Cases in Ad Tech

I’m often amused when I read the ad tech companies’ websites and see how they confused traditional programming with machine learning. There is a fundamental distinction: programming spans across multiple areas such as interface, data pipelines, infrastructure automation. While machine […]

leocelis 09/19/20 Product

Features prioritization based on ROI

Building new products, at its core, is to produce more outputs with the same inputs. To do the same, but faster. If you are building a new product, regardless of its function, and regardless of your industry, chances are that […]

leocelis 09/01/20 Product

A simple PRD template

Most of the product teams heavily rely on “User stories” to describe features. The problem with user stories is that 1) they don’t give you context about what the feature is about, 2) they are not enough for a developer […]

leocelis 07/07/20 Product

Analytics Dashboard Guidelines

For more than a decade, I’ve been building ad analytics dashboards for big brands like American Express or Uber. No matter what was the vertical, they’ve provided consistent product feedback about them: Daily and Weekly reports: most of the users, […]

leocelis 06/17/20 Product

Mouseflow GDPR and CCPA compliant

“Stop guessing where your visitors struggle. Mouseflow records frustrated users, JavaScript errors, friction, and much more.” Mouseflow Mouseflow can’t measure human frustration, but it does a great job recording users’ interactions with your website/application. It took me less than five minutes to […]

leocelis 03/16/20 Privacy Product


The user’s journey can extend beyond multiple screens. Each screen is composed of various steps or also called micro-interactions. The most common ones are those associated forms. From a simple email subscription to a complicated multi-steps purchase, the user has […]

leocelis 03/05/20 Product

Ads are not stocks

Instead of owning a share in a company, you own -temporarily- a share of someone’s attention. Their performance fluctuates throughout the day. Ads might look like stocks, but they are not. There are three key differences: In the long-term, ads […]

leocelis 01/08/20 Product