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Tech meetings ROI

A tech meeting can quickly become a sunk cost. Gather your 10 engineers team and talk non-stop for 2 hours about something they don’t care about. You will be wasting 20hs worth of development. One way to measure a meeting’s […]

leocelis 11/21/20 Project management

Tech with no maintenance cost

A two-year software project, with 4 full-time -remote- engineers, could cost between $800k-$1M. If you heavily use AWS, you could be in the $5-$10k/month operational cost. There is a myth, feeding by the never-ending tech improvements, that you won’t have […]

leocelis 11/14/20 Project management

The 3 levels of Done

When a new feature is close to a deadline, and you ask the question: “how are we doing?” There are three levels of done you can get: The developer’s done: it means the feature is code completed, but potentially untested, […]

leocelis 09/03/20 Project management

Story points don’t work

We’ve been riding the agile wave for too long. Let’s face it: story points don’t work. In every single dev team I was part of, we’ve used story points as an alias for time units (hours, days.) – no shame […]

leocelis 04/03/20 Project management

War rooms

“(…) war rooms are spaces where key people get together to solve a difficult problem” What Is an “IT War Room”? In software development, war rooms are used to solve P0 emergencies, crisis management, or project’s overdue. War room sessions are […]

leocelis 04/02/20 Project management

A simple priority system

The key reason why your projects are delayed, your support team is slow, and overall your company doesn’t seem to make progress is a lack of a priority system. Prioritizing tasks, tickets, cards, goals, etc., its not a matter of ordering […]

leocelis 02/04/20 Project management

Deadlines create technical debt

We were in the last stretch to ship a redesigned, reengineered, microservices-based analytics product. After a 6-months design phase, we were coding the last microservices to ship the product. It was a year-long project, and obviously, we were behind. We […]

leocelis 10/09/19 Project management