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Developers are recruiters

Back in 2007, I’ve started a small outsourcing company, serving US-based tech startups. The first engineers we hired were us, the co-founders. We trusted each other because we worked for the same company, in the same project, before deciding to […]

leocelis 11/28/20 Recruiting

Finding talented people on Facebook

We are biased regarding which social media platform is for. LinkedIn is for business, Facebook for family and friends, Twitter and Instagram for celebrities. Some companies are realizing that Facebook is an excellent place to find talented people. I’ve read […]

leocelis 01/29/19 Recruiting

Performance Marketing in Recruiting

Addecco buying the hiring marketplace Vettery because “accelerates the (…) digital strategy”  is a clear sign that the recruiting industry is way behind regarding technology. Performance Marketing commonly refers to users or customers acquisition. However, it can be used for […]

leocelis 12/18/18 Recruiting