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Periodic Table of SEO Factors

For the past few months, I’ve been checking marketing/advertising sites and collecting what the most shared links are. First in the list, was the Periodic Table of SEO Factors (23,208 shares total, combining Facebook shares and Twitter retweets.) So I […]

leocelis 04/17/20 SEO

Client-side meta tags with React Helmet

I was browsing the Demand Curve slack channels, and a common SEO-related problem came up: how do I get crawlers to index client-side generated meta tags? In single-page React websites, it is common that all the sections of the site […]

leocelis 10/08/19 SEO

Does your SEO fit your content marketing?

Google is a living God, and we are faithful followers. If we please Google with good SEO, we will get rewarded. You want to write content that is appealing for your audience, not for the search engines. You want to […]

leocelis 05/21/19 SEO

Do you need to learn SEO?

Given my background in Ad Tech, I overlooked SEO for years. I was very late in the game when I started to work with the Facebook Ads API. For some people, SEO is a must-have. For others, SEO is too […]

leocelis 04/08/19 SEO