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What is your tech stack?

“in programming, the stack refers to a “last in, first out” data structure – you can think of it as a collection of different pieces of software” What is ‘stack’ and why should you care? We usually ask for your […]

leocelis 03/27/20 Software Architecture

Most valuable code

Software is made of building blocks: either an inspired engineer wrote a rules-based engine from scratch, re-used an existing library, or connected and configured the right AWS services. At some point, those building blocks will become obsolete and in need […]

leocelis 02/12/20 Software Architecture

The schemaless myth

Each advertising channel has a data model. They all seem to share the “campaign > ad group > ad” hierarchy, but the attributes and stats are different. So tired of running alter tables in RDBM databases, developers saw NoSQL schemaless […]

leocelis 02/05/20 Software Architecture

Moving fast vs. Future-proof

If you are using 90% of your engineering capacity fixing bugs, it is tempting to think that you need to throw away your product and build a future-proof platform. Let’s suppose that you’ve achieved that technological nirvana: you have a […]

leocelis 09/01/19 Software Architecture