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CLOC – Counting Lines of Code

How many new lines of code were delivered yesterday? The craziest startup founder I’ve ever met was the CTO of the company. He was the kind of guy who wanted to measure progress by the hour. By lacking a better […]

leocelis 08/06/22 Tools reviews

2-Factor phone number validation

Twilio is a cool service for programmatic communication (chat, voice, video, and email.) It also provides a phone verification API that can help you to validate leads coming through your landing pages. The process is simple: the user provides a phone number, […]

leocelis 11/07/20 Tools reviews

The numbers behind Live Chat Support tools

Intercom is the most expensive chat support solution. It costs $39/mo. Other solutions like Casengo (€29/mo), GoSquare ($49/mo), Freshchat ($19/mo.), HelpCrunch ($15/mo.), and Olark (also $15/mo.) are good options but might not be as feature-rich as Intercom. I couldn’t find […]

leocelis 10/24/20 Tools reviews

Ads Data Integration Tools

The best ads channel integration tools in the market are not in the market: small to mid-size advertising agencies who built their own data platforms (Nanigans or Social Code are examples) They usually start early, when the Ads APIs are […]

leocelis 09/12/20 Tools reviews

Salesforce and Ad Agencies

You might think that most of the agencies lack the operating system to run a tech stack effectively, but you’d be surprised about how many SaaS solutions they had to orchestrate, including Salesforce. The main module they use is “Deals.” […]

leocelis 06/27/20 Tools reviews

SmartyAds UI review

SmartyAds has all the right buzzwords in their marketing copy that you would expect from a DSP: omnichannel, real-time, full-stack programmatic infrastructure, AI-powered, human-viewable traffic, advanced tracking. I went ahead and registered on the platform. What I liked about the […]

leocelis 05/17/20 Tools reviews


“Why aren’t TV ads ever interesting and not clickable?” Our Story, IntapTV is trying to breach the gap between “Internet ads” and “TV ads.” The goal is a viewer can “tap” on a TV ad, and she will be […]

leocelis 05/04/20 Tools reviews

Chat beats Email

One of the top posts in the ad tech field is Neil Patel’s “How I Grew My Dying Facebook Traffic.” The article’s main takeaway is that Facebook Messenger has a 50-80% open rate vs. a 5-20% open rate you can […]

leocelis 10/30/19 Tools reviews

Marketing Budget Calculator

When I was running a FB Ad leads campaign for Found I was very anxious about how much acquiring a customer would cost me. I was targeting Silicon Valley CTOs, who wanted to try a new AI-powered software engineer recommendations […]

leocelis 09/02/19 Tools reviews