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MobileMonkey’s CEO, Larry Kim, reached out to me to try his Facebook Messenger ChatBot platform. Immediately, I’ve got a flashback: about three years ago Facebook claimed that Messenger bots were the biggest thing in ad tech. Suddenly, everyone was building […]

leocelis 06/28/19 Tools reviews

Facebook Ads Tools

I was once at a client’s meeting. After going through our process, and the pre-loaded tab-ready application screens, the client asked: “well, how do you go about Facebook campaigns?“ I was surprised by the question. The demo was very clear […]

leocelis 06/12/19 Tools reviews

Fake email is not the same as spam

Fake email is not about Mr. Bill Gates granting you USD 5 MILLION. Fake email, also known as disposable email, allows you to create a fake email address and receive emails. Why do you need a throwaway email? Besides impersonating […]

leocelis 05/01/19 Tools reviews