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7 days using Oribi – Day 6 (3/23/2019)
Reading Time: 1 min.

I’ve been running a Facebook campaign promoting two posts:

I’m targeting people who already visited my blog (retargeting.) So I’m interested to see (beyond what Facebook Ads Manager tells me) what are the results so far. Besides reading the post, are visitors taking any other action?

There is an option called “Explore Page Visits” in Oribi, where you can select a specific URL in your site, and get insights.

One clear difference between the two posts is that the Oribi’s one led to much more actions. Visitors were interested in reading other posts, even to subscribe to the blog.

This content performance analysis has been a manual process so far. It will be a great addition if Oribi’s team creates a feature that can tell us what are the top posts in terms of conversions and insights between the top performers vs. poor performers.

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