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Brand Campaigns’ True Goal (1/27/2020)

In ten years, how you report brand campaigns didn’t change. Campaign name, flight time, budget, fees (10-15%?), how much money you will spend per day (pacing), what’s the audience, and what are the ads.

How about the goals? If you were running ads on Facebook, a decade ago was getting likes/fans. If you were running ads on Google: impressions, clicks, o even video views. They were and still are, wrong.

A brand campaign’s true goal is to spend all the budget.

Yes, brand campaigns are designed to increase awareness, and the standard metrics still are impressions, clicks, and reach/frequency.

The reality is, the more you spend, the more awareness you get. If you get too close to the engagement optimization area, o even if you want to measure how fast the ad is spreading (i.e., shares), you are entering in the direct response reign, which is the opposite of the brand campaigns.

In a brand campaign, you want to raise awareness. You want people to know your brand: the more you spend, the more people you will reach, the more times they will see your ad.

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