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Support Hell (9/20/2018)

Unbounce probably spent millions building its A/B testing landing page software. It is fantastic you don’t have to develop your own, and you can just pay a monthly fee to use their platform.

If you are running online campaigns, you heavily rely on multiple services: Unbounce for landing pages, MailChimp for emailing, Facebook for advertising, AWS for hosting, and so on. They are all fantastic tools, saving you a lot of money and time. Until something fails and you need to deal with their support.

Be aware that they don’t put their most brilliant people in the support line (they should.) They don’t have in-depth knowledge of the system, and their access is restricted. They will pass the ball to you or someone else in the company, and it will challenge your emotional intelligence.

It is essential to have a plan to deal with support hell:

1) Have a friend in the company that can speed things up. Either by luck or by the amount of money you are spending, you can have someone that if a problem arises, she can quickly talk with the right people in the company and solve it.

2) Have someone in your company to deal with support. You don’t need to create a firefighter role, but you need one or two people that know the way around dealing with the support team of each of the companies.

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