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Hi there! Welcome to my blog – your go-to resource for Founders and CEOs seeking critical insights on technology and remote teams.

With 20 years of hands-on experience, I specialize in driving remote innovation in legacy industries. Let’s navigate the dynamic world of next-gen technology and high-performing remote teams together.

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Startup Culture: When your first 10 engineers leave

Valuation at the expense of your startup culture is not a good experience. In the world of startups, company valuation…
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Technical Debt: Move slowly and fix things

Technical debt is like a bad Tetris game. Imagine you started a business from scratch. It was just you and…
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Technology Expertise: who really has it?

Why Buzzwords Aren’t Enough Are you tired of hearing buzzwords thrown around in meetings and feeling like you do not…
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Engineers don’t care about your business problem

The Thrill of Discovering New Technologies Engineers are always searching for the next big thing in technology. They’re drawn to…
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Project Management 101: The “Done” Sabotaging Your Team

The “Done” Dilemma in Project Management If you manage an engineering team, removing the Done status from your PM tool…
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