Software bugs in 2021 (1/16/2021) - I cringed when I read posts talking about “functional bugs” and showing Visual Basic 5.0 forms screenshots. It is 2021! We live in […]


What exactly is the Waterfall methodology? (1/9/2021) - Embrace Waterfall Staying away from the concept of “Waterfall” is what is preventing your engineering team from moving faster. I’m sure you don’t […]
Serverless will kick you in the face (1/2/2021) - Before you switch to Serverless, make sure your engineers won’t quit I’ve seen engineers resigning when migrating from monolithic EC2-hosted stand-alone applications to […]
Targeted Ads (12/26/2020) - In today’s ad tech world, Targeted Ads can help to save a country’s economy. They can also risk users’ privacy: the more personal data the […]
Brand Equity (12/19/2020) - I’ve had the chance to monitor ad campaigns for world-known brands like Visa and Mastercard. One thing that caught my attention is that […]
How to avoid the one million-dollar mistake using Amazon Web Services (12/12/2020) - If you are familiar with Segment’s AWS million-dollar cost issue, you know that not monitoring your infra costs is a huge mistake. AWS […]
Integration design in a serverless world (12/5/2020) - My first program was a PRG file with BASIC code, stored in a magnetic cassette. Using a datasette, the program was load into […]
Developers are recruiters (11/28/2020) - Back in 2007, I’ve started a small outsourcing company, serving US-based tech startups. The first engineers we hired were us, the co-founders. We […]

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