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A Tesla Stock Story: How Founders can build Trust (March, 2023) - From $17 to $263 without a profitable product In 2010, Tesla stock was worth $17. Even though Tesla did not […]
Is a 4 day work week effective? (March, 2023) - Working remotely means you can ping your team at any time. No wonder some are asking for a 4 day work […]
ChatGPT (March, 2023) - All my favorite authors were freaking out about ChatGPT, so I went ahead and asked ChatGPT why. After waiting for […]
Why do I need a Tech Lead? (March, 2023) - Most of the founders, C-level or VP-level, won’t have any objection to hiring a tech lead. For them, it is […]
3 reasons why your dev team is slow (February, 2023) - I’ve worked with enough founders to have a significant sample of the worst mistakes I’ve seen them make. I’m not […]
Vacation between projects (February, 2023) - When you work as a contractor, you don’t have a job: you have a project. You don’t have a boss: […]
Re-invent your Daily Standup Meeting (February, 2023) - The worst daily standup Probably the worst daily standup meeting I was part of had 30+ people. Imagine 30 people […]
We need to get this done (February, 2023) - If you worked for a startup, you are familiar with the feeling of “I don’t know what the hell founders […]
Fail to your first 10 users (January, 2023) - “Fail to learn” has been a famous motto encouraging founders to push through rapid product iteration. I don’t know any […]
Time management: how to avoid working 90hs per day (January, 2023) - I’ve recently heard a phrase that changed my perspective on time management: “if you don’t have time, how can you […]
Next-gen Software Architecture (January, 2023) - I went through different system architectures during my life as a programmer. From the single-file C64 programs to the multiple […]
What’s under the hood? (January, 2023) - You can’t have access to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm or Google search source code. However, you can get pretty close to […]
Designed in California, Assembled Remotely (December, 2022) - Electronic products can be designed in one place and manufactured in another. Software products are a different story. The design […]
The highest-value task (December, 2022) - When you are a one-person show, identifying the high-value tasks is easy: all of them are. Because you are the […]
My user experience is bad (December, 2022) - Give your users too many options. Hide the most important ones. Make them do as many clicks as possible to […]
Sitting idle (November, 2022) - Engineers without anything to do is the worst nightmare for founders. I often found myself panicking because I did not […]
How to build an engaging career path (November, 2022) - The following is my take on seniority levels. Junior engineers are very productive. They are eager to try new technologies, […]
Breaks and Brakes (November, 2022) - After a few solid sprints, the next logical concern is the team’s velocity. How can I measure speed? Is my […]
Playbooks and Runbooks (November, 2022) - The most outstanding professionals I’ve met have playbooks and runbooks. It is not so much about their degrees, their experience, […]
Contractors and Employees (November, 2022) - In today’s market, there are companies paying between $40-80 per hour to contractors. Let’s say you are going through Series […]