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Developing leadership Developing leadership in a startup team (3/1/2021) - A startup team is always against the clock, always delayed. Developing leadership skills in a startup team is critical for its success. An excellent way to develop leadership skills is to read The Lean Startup book. Recently, I’ve finished up […]

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Targeted Ads are not for C-Level executives (2/22/2021) - C-level executives are not immune to Targeted Ads. It is fundamentally wrong to think that executives won’t click on targeted ads or fill up lead forms. While in the recruiting business, I’ve spent ten grand on Facebook Ads, targeting CTOs looking for […]
Linkedin Carousel Ads (2/1/2021) - Not a new social feature A Carousel ad is a way to bundle multiple ads into a single one. You can show multiple images, headlines, or links in the same ad format. They are useful for showcasing products, step by […]
A new Product Development Process (1/25/2021) - Who is driving your Product Development? You will get very different products if your CTO, CMO, CEO, or even users drive your product roadmap. The features they propose might be the same, but the quality, end-result, and how you get […]
Software bugs in 2021 (1/16/2021) - I cringed when I read posts talking about “functional bugs” and showing Visual Basic 5.0 forms screenshots. It is 2021! We live in a de-normalized big data, IoT/real-time, AI-powered, cloud-hosted microservices / serverless applications world. Today’s bugs are very different […]
What exactly is the Waterfall methodology? (1/9/2021) - Embrace Waterfall Staying away from the concept of “Waterfall” is what is preventing your engineering team from moving faster. I’m sure you don’t even dare to use the word because of all the bad press it has. The Waterfall methodology […]
Serverless will kick you in the face (1/2/2021) - Before you switch to Serverless, make sure your engineers won’t quit I’ve seen engineers resigning when migrating from monolithic EC2-hosted stand-alone applications to microservices. I’ve felt the same pain too, even considered quitting my job and going back to my […]
Targeted Ads (12/26/2020) - In today’s ad tech world, Targeted Ads can help to save a country’s economy. They can also risk users’ privacy: the more personal data the media platform collects, the better your ads will perform. This doesn’t mean the users are open to […]

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