Have you ever received a “led car bulbs” related comment on your blog? You could stop this by adding a captcha or just by disabling the comments. Unfortunately, this won’t solve the fact that you are receiving bots traffic. Let’s say you are running a lead gen campaign, and 50% if your traffic is coming from bots; it means your server costs are double (or you can cut them by half.) Furthermore -and to me, this is the real problem- your user tracking tools are giving you false data about user activities. To see how serious is this problem we have tools like White Ops FraudSensor. As easy as putting a JavaScript tag on your page, you can track SIVT activity in real time. It won’t fix the problem, but it is a step in the right direction: once you’ve detected from where the bots are coming from, you can start adding security measures like blocking domains.


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Leo Celis