Long gone are the days where you need to code everything from scratch. It used to be such a pain to create reports that business folks will just say: “forget it, I can do this with Excel in 5 minutes.” And they were right!

First, you needed to build a custom (PHP?) driver to connect with an API that will spit horrible XML type outputs. Then, store all the data in a MySQL table that you knew will crash. Finally, build a super slow jquery-based graph, not because javascript was slow, but because your browser wouldn’t handle that many data in mem.

Nostalgia aside, in today’s world you can use pandas to read (and analyze) from any source. You can use matplotlib to generate any type of report that you want. You can make those reports available via an Amazon S3 bucket, like in this script I wrote.

Do you want to share the reports with your entire org.? Create a Zap that will check your S3 bucket and upload the files to Slack:


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Leo Celis