“This is a key time to focus on long-term brand building as opposed to short-term activations” 

Ad Tech Execs Weigh in on Coronavirus Ads, Google and Twitter, and Misinformation

In the past 90 days, “coronavirus” became the most searched keyword, beating google, weather, and Facebook.

It was inevitable that Google and Twitter reverted their decision on not allowing Covid-19 related ads. People looking to make a quick buck with misinformation or selling overpriced goods flooded the biggest ad networks on the planet.

On the other side of the coin, Uber launched an ad campaign advising people to stay at home; many small businesses relied on social media to communicate that they are still functioning (via pickup or delivery.) Advertising is saving lives and protecting families’ economies.

Whenever something gets too big (aka viral), whether it is an unfortunate pandemic or a social network, there will always be short-term thinking people trying to game the system, and longer-term/brand-building good guys helping and protecting users.

Ads are not evil, the people behind the ads is: spreading fear, and taking advantage of the misinformed. The world that we are living now is teaching us that ad technology should evolve to keep these people out of the system and support the long-term trust builders.


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Leo Celis