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Ada Lovelace

Reading Time: 1 min. Ada Lovelace is known as the world’s first computer programmer. She took the Babbage’s Analytical Engine and wrote an algorithm to calculate Bernoulli […]

leocelis 01/05/19 Software Development


Reading Time: 1 min. All the analysis, predictions, recommendations and actions your campaign management system will take should be within boundaries. In most of the social media […]

leocelis 01/04/19 Software Development


Reading Time: 1 min. At any step in your funnel, volume is a tricky metric. Obviously, you need more impressions to get clicks because not all the […]

leocelis 01/02/19 Optimization

The future of MarTech

Reading Time: 1 min. Cloud, Cross-channel, A.I. The truth is technology is moving way faster than marketing. We still see cold spam emails when we have dynamic […]

leocelis 12/31/18 Market

Desktop to Mobile

Reading Time: 1 min. Users switching between multiple screens have made our lives as ad tech specialists very complicated. One typical case is: John Doe is a […]

leocelis 12/30/18 Tools reviews

Fake Attention

Reading Time: 1 min. When your company is advertising on Google is paying for attention. Since attention can be faked in the digital world, paying for bot-generated […]

leocelis 12/28/18 Ad fraud


Reading Time: 1 min. Duopoly is an economic term used when two companies own a majority of the market. If you look at last year’s digital spend […]

leocelis 12/27/18 Market