When you don't know, you move slow

To build a successful MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in record time, you need three things:

  1. Domain expertise
  2. Next-gen technologies
  3. A great team

When you lack one of them or are not in balance, your MVP will move as fast as a snail.

For a crash course on building MVPs, I recommend you to read Eric Ries’ books, especially “The Lean Startup.” It will teach you a scientific approach to building MVPs.

If you are still unsure what to build, I recommend you read any of Seth Godin’s books for inspiration.

You could follow Paul Graham’s approach of building a product for yourself, solving a problem you have, and finding people like you that would love what you’ve made.

Or maybe you could use Seth Godin’s approach to defining your MVA (Minimum Viable Audience), research what they care most about, and uniquely position your MVP.

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