When you are running an ad on Facebook, the user has at least seven ways to interact with it: 1) Click on the Facebook page 2) Like the page 3) Like the post 4) Share the post 5) Comment on the post 6) Click on the “Call to Action” (CTA) button 7) Click on the ad

(Thank you, Rebecca, for liking my daughter’s cat)

My guess is in most of the cases you want a business result (like driving traffic to your blog), which means you want the user to click on the ad. In other words, you have six actions competing against one single action that matters. How can you stop these 6 actions to cannibalize your most important one? There is a simple rule you can follow: optimize the ad’s creative for clicks. That is, you can create tension so clicking on the ad is the most important action the user can take. I am not talking about clickbait ads, like this one:

image from imgur

I am talking about in the user’s eyes clicking on the ad will take her to learn more about what you are offering or teaching. And this next step is far more exciting and vital than liking the post.

cat pic from pixabay


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Leo Celis