Ads API are very similar. Platforms might be different, but their Ads API objects model are the same, or they will tend to be over time. If you are integrating your application with an Ads API, whether Facebook, Bing or Google, you can save a lot of money and time if your engineering team watch over these 3 things: Rate limits: check how often your app can pull ads’ metadata and stats, make you pull as much frequency as you can, so your system has up to date data, without going over the read limits. If you are creating and optimizing ads, double check how often you can send these writes to the API. Time zones: your platform should run in UTC, period. Your ad accounts and users won’t be, so make sure to handle the time zones conversions when you are pulling data from the Ads APIs, and when you are displaying the data to your users. Encoding: if you are running campaigns in multiple countries (or using emojis in your campaigns’ names), convert everything to UTF-8 in your system.


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