When is the right time to lose your mind about a campaign not working? If you don’t have any goal for your campaign (clicks, leads, subscribers), anything can challenge your patience:
  • CPC too hight (25 dollars!)
  • 5,000 people reached, no one clicked on the ad
  • You’ve spent 500 dollars and didn’t get any conversion yet!
Let’s say you are running Facebook Ads. You need to consider you have to control -mainly- over two things: the people you are targeting, and the message you are sending to those people. There are many other variables you can’t control, that will work against or in favor of your campaign. The only way to know if your ads are performing is your definition of what’s success is. Are you trying to get ten leads with a 1,000 dollars budget? Are you trying to reach 100,000 people at 1 cent each? Eventually, someone will click on your ad, and someone will convert into a customer; the problem is not if the channel is working or not (at some point you will get results), the problem is if it is working for you.


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Leo Celis