Ad Tech is full of fancy terms and acronyms. Some are important, others are buzzwords. Attribution window is one of those in the important category. Let’s say you are reading TechCrunch while commuting to work. You see an ad about the perfect gaming laptop. Which is something you were looking for, but not ready to buy while on the train. Back at home, you feel like playing a game; you do remember the laptop, but not the ad, and most likely it won’t show up again if you look for it. So you google about the laptop, go to the website, and buy it. The time between you saw the ad (impression), and you purchased the laptop is called “attribution window.” Your purchase is attributed to the ad impression back in TechCrunch, and in this case, the attribution window is one day. The kick-off actions are always impression or click. The usual attribution windows are one day, seven days or 28 days, but this depends on the channel and your marketing funnel.


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Leo Celis