Watching Netflix, YouTube videos, scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed, swiping through Pinterest’s pins, is what most people would consider a waste of time. What you can find out via these social channels could be so amazing, so life-changing, that people won’t stop doing it. We will keep scrolling, swiping, watching and sharing, it is just too much fun. These channels don’t need multi-million sophisticated A.I. algorithms to keep us hooked. We will keep coming back to check what’s interesting. They have our attention, and they sell our attention. As advertisers, we don’t have control over these channels. We do have control over our messages, the stories we are telling. We can design our stories to make those precious seconds of people’s attention (that we get by paying to the channels), to give something of value to them, to teach, to help them to unplug, to make them feel good about themselves. I would love to see what advertisers can do to take control, same as users are doing it via the Time Well Spent movement.


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Leo Celis