Ad Tech software projects have a more clear and direct way to measure ROI, compare to other types of softwares. They are either saving users’ time or reducing campaign costs. What is usually tricky is to forecast the ROI before the project starts. In most of the cases, you are wrong about how much a project would take and the ROI it will produce (although, you need it to decide moving forward or not.) One way to proves the project’s value is to built-in the ROI into the features. Let’s say you are building a rules engine, and one of the rules optimizes the cost per click. The system knows that your campaign’s CPC is $10, and if it pauses the most expensive ad, you will get a CPC of $5 going forward. Those $5 in a $10,000/monthly budget campaign represents $5,000 savings. Why not showing it (and brag about it) in your rules engine interface then?


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Leo Celis