Users switching between multiple screens have made our lives as ad tech specialists very complicated.

One typical case is: John Doe is a CTO working on his laptop. He decides to check his Facebook newsfeed. John sees an Ad about a new powerful AI-based assistant mobile app. So he clicks on it; he is redirected to a beautiful landing page that says: pick up your mobile phone, open the App Store, type the name of the app, and then install it.

The experience is broken. Too many steps for a busy CTO to do in his precious five minutes social media break.

This is where Branch’s Text me the app tool can help. Back to the landing page step, with Branch’s solution, you can offer the option to type in a cell phone number and get a link to download the app. The CTO will receive the link via a SMS text.

Fewer steps, better experience, more conversions.


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Leo Celis