Cloud, Cross-channel, A.I. The truth is technology is moving way faster than marketing.

We still see cold spam emails when we have dynamic remarketing. We still see marketers spending millions of dollars in generic non-specific Super Bowl ads when we have Facebook Ads’ hyper-targeting capabilities.

We’ve developed massive built-in viral engines at the core of the social media channels. Yet, we are still paying to reach users one by one, instead of focusing on those people that are so engaged that will spread our message.

As we enter 2019, the future of marketing is not about technology. It is about using the tools we have to create a custom experience for each individual person and move definetely away from the mass market/industrial/undifferentiated ads.

Here is my prediction: at some point ads will become so engaging, so person specific, so rooted into each device, that they won’t look like ads anymore. They will look like a friendly personal assistant helping us to decide what’s best for us, instead of a selfish spammer bot pushing us to buy.

Bye, bye ad blockers. Welcome, 2019!


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Leo Celis