Before you have someone in your team designing a new microservices architecture, doing AWS costs forecasts, or even writing down use cases, list your business problems first.

They don’t need to be engineering related, or even associated with marketing. These problems have to be broad, general, relevant, current and pressing.

If your company depends on acquiring customers online (which company doesn’t these days?) here are three business problems you should consider:

1) CAC: how to reduce your customer acquisitions costs?
2) Volume: how to acquire more customers in less time?
3) LTV: how can we the increase long-term value per customer?

Then pick the most pressing for your company.

Is your CAC going up this year? Is it because of new competitors? Is your company not growing fast enough? Why your customers are not staying for more than 3 monts?

Pick one category, and start from there.


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Leo Celis