At any step in your funnel, volume is a tricky metric. Obviously, you need more impressions to get clicks because not all the people seeing your ad will click on it. And you need a lot more of leads from your landing page, to get a paid customer.

Anywhere you look at your marketing funnel, you need volume.

The natural question to ask is: how can I get more volume for the same cost? This question spawns a lot more of other questions.

If you have an ad optimization system (and/or group of media analysis), this is the area where they will spend most of their time. How can I make my ad creatives more engaging? Which platform, device, time of the day, group of people should I target to get more volume for the same price? All in favor of reaching more people, faster, cheaper.

The ultimate question your system and power users should be answering is this: how fast can I reach all the users in my audience at the lowest possible cost?

If you have a $1k daily budget, and your audience size is 1M users. Can you reach them all in one day?


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Leo Celis