There is an easy strategy to evolve your Ad Tech Stack, and it has nothing to do with technology.

It starts with your advertising budget. If you look at your budget, the majority of the money is going to the channels (either Google or Facebook, perhaps?).

If you don’t have an Ad Tech Stack already, you are not spending your money efficiently. To put it bluntly, you are wasting money.

You can use the wasted money to evolve your Ad Tech Stack.

The strategy is simple: estimate your wasted money and invest it on media analysts, third-party tools and your development team.

The campaigns won’t run by themselves, you need media analysts to optimize them. They will help you to save money, and the money saved will pay for their time.

The media analysts will need tools for collecting and visualizing data. These third-party tools will make them more efficient, they will save more money, and that money will pay for the tools.

The tools will run on silos. You need to connect them and makes sense of the new data. You will need developers to work on the data integrations. These integrations will help the media analysts to be more efficient, they will save more money, the money will pay for their time, the third-party tools and the integrations.

Just like an ad will pay for itself by generating sales, optimizing your media spend will pay for your Ad Tech Stack.


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Leo Celis