We are biased regarding which social media platform is for. LinkedIn is for business, Facebook for family and friends, Twitter and Instagram for celebrities.

Some companies are realizing that Facebook is an excellent place to find talented people. I’ve read a few articles with fool-proof step by step guides about how to set up a Facebook recruiting campaign: create a facebook page, write an attractive ad copy, target the right people… pretty much what you would do for any other campaign.

One thing that might not be so obvious is: finding amazing people is cheaper than finding paid customers Why? Because most advertisers are trying to get a money-based ROI. And just a few are looking at the platform by its main value: the users.

Big companies for sure have job ads across multiple platforms. But small startup companies are the ones that should care the most about finding the right people on Facebook.

Below is just a results sample from a recruiting campaign:

That’s correct, $5.72 per candidate. Imagine that you need 100 candidates to find that special superhero, that is just $572. Finding the right person, in an early stage company, will produce far more value over time.


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Leo Celis