I’ve been working with Python since 2011. I’ve read a few books and spent many hours in stack overflow.

Once you understand the syntaxis and learn a few tricks about how to deal with data structures in a pythonic way, most developers will spend time either finding code snippets or browsing the official libs docs.

After the requirements are clear, there is design, the majority of the development time will go into specific coding issues, and googling for the solutions. “How to convert a dict to json,” or “filter pandas dataframe by date.”

It’s not about the bugs, or testing time, it is about knowing exactly the next piece of code you need. That’s why, at some point, I started to collect my own functions library. So my coding routine had changed it from googling my problem to going to this repository first.

Our job as developers is to create building blocks. The more we build, the more effective we become. The more we can reuse, the faster we work on our next project.


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Leo Celis