What is better than getting 1 click for $1? Getting 2 clicks for $1.

Marketers often forget the true viral force behind Facebook: the “share” button. If you are not compounding every click you get (by inviting users to share your ad) you are not using this power at all.

Here are 3 ways you can take to leverage it:

  1. Make sure your offsite content (outside of Facebook) is part of the Social Graph by adding the open graph metadata tags. This will help Facebook to understand your web content.
  2. If you are connecting your web with Facebook ads, optimize campaigns around shares. Slice and dice your audience, change your creatives, until you find the combination that drives more shares at the lowest possible cost. Don’t worry about conversions, they will come if your content is shared enough.
  3. Add a social sharing plugin like ShareThis to your web. You want to give the user the opportunity to share with their friends and family any step in your funnel.

You might see the “share action” as a distraction for the user to complete the journey; the fact they are sharing to their family or friends means that they are really engaged in the experience. And you are getting more clicks for free.


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Leo Celis