Marketing gurus will tell you brand ads are not the same as directads. If you are running a brand ad, there is no point in measuring results, there is not an easy way to connect your impressions with people remembering your brand next time they are in the grocery store.

Same holds true for direct ads: you want people to act on it, to click, to purchase, to take your offer right away. And if the cost of running your ad is less than the money you are making off of it, you can do it forever.

Technology, again, is changing things. As technology advances, lines become blurry and forces us to re-think how we advertise.

You can set up a Facebook Pixel with a purchase event, and run a brand campaign, and Facebook can tell you exactly how many people become a customer. It is not that you were looking for new customers (who would want that?), you were just branding, but hey, you’ve got customers because of it.

If you direct ad went viral, and users start sharing it like crazy, I’m sure that was not your intent, you were after paid customers, but hey, users sharing your content is good, because it is bringing more people to your offer, for free.

I think it’s time to look beyond technology and our current marketing concepts, and start thinking what’s the best for your audience.

To get deep into what they want, what they’d like to share, and how that helps your company. Technology is ahead of us, marketing is old, it is time to re-think how we engage with our customers.


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Leo Celis