Performance-driven, martech platform, dynamic bid/budget optimization, multi-channel support, LTV optimization, cross-platform/cross-channel/cross-device cohort analysis, experts at ROAS, full-service performance, Machine Learning data-driven automation (I made this last one up.)

If you search for a digital marketing agency, you will be bombarded with buzzwords. They will resonate with you, but they are not saying anything.

Let me tell you what all they have in common: they have engineers, they have a platform, they have media analyst.

Depends on their maturity level (which is not necessarily how many years they are in the market), those three main components, will be more or less in sync.

Even if they don’t have the best available technology, if they have great developers who can quickly build the right tools, and if the media analysts are experts in each in-house tool, producing results for the agency won’t be a problem.

If you can find a media analyst who can explain to you how the platform works at a technical level, and you can find an engineer that tells you for what purpose a tool was built, you are in front of a powerful new partner.


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Leo Celis