If you are spending money on ads, it feels fair to ask for results. You are giving away dollars; it makes sense that you want dollars back.

There is a currency far more valuable you can get from paid ads: learnings.

You might have an idea about what your audience wants, what content to write, but until you put to compete two piece of content for engagement, you won’t know exactly what to promote next.

I ran an engagement campaign on Facebook. I promoted a post about K-factor and another about AI and customer journey:

The difference is clear: AI is much more appealing. Visitors spent more time reading the winner post as well:

This new learning it is paying off already: the cost per click of the winner post is 27 cents cheaper. The cheaper the clicks, the cheaper the visits, and eventually the conversions.

By knowing what content to promote, you are optimizing the top of your funnel, and if you can get traffic for less money, you will bring down your CPA.

Spend to learn, and then spend to win.


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Leo Celis