When you enter a website, how many companies are tracking you? It looks like in my blog two companies are: Google and Facebook.

Ghostery is a browser extension that will not only tell you which companies are collecting data about you, but also give you the possibility to block them.

Now lies the question of whether you should block them or not. Companies will claim that will use your data (for example which blog post you read) to provide a better experience.

The reality is that they are not there yet. Because you’ve read about ad tech tools in my blog, it doesn’t mean my blog is prepared to recommend you only tools reviews next time.

On the other hand, it does give me the opportunity to build this feature in the future. As long you are not revealing sensitive information, it is OK if you let companies know about your IP, your location, and your browser.

We will get to a point where we will use all this data to improve users’ experience. Technology is already here. We just need to implement it.


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Leo Celis