Every site has a funnel: the intended steps a visitor should take to produce business results for us. In my blog’s case is subscribers.

Oribi has a feature called “Funnels.” You can create a two-step funnel, which is my case (any visitor that read one of my blog posts has the option to subscribe at the bottom) and see the results.

Funnels feature is a real business-centric tool. By going to this section in Oribi, I can see how many visits turned into subs. The mandatory question is then: what can I do with this information?

As you would do with any optimization process, you start by choosing a relevant dimension. In Funnels, you have the channel, platform, and country dimensions.

In my case, I don’t care about if my visitors are using laptops o smartphones, or if they come from Argentina. I do care from which channel I’m getting the most subscribers. It allows me to decide on which channel I should invest more time/money.

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Hi! My name is Leo Celis. I’m an entrepreneur and Python developer specialized in Ad Tech and MarTech.

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