Attribution section will give you a report about how many touchpoints visitors are taken before converting.

In my case, I’m interested in visits as touchpoints and how many visitors landed in the thank you page (after they’ve subscribed.)

I’m starting to see a pattern while using Oribi: features look cool, the ideas behind seem compelling, but when it comes to taking action, it is not clear what to do next.

It is cool that 75% of the people who visited the first time converted into a subscriber. However, I don’t know what to do with the 25% rest.

I think this feature needs to evolve to a point where you can see which first even is responsible of driving the most conversions.

The performance per channel is already covered in the Funnels section. In Attribution, it will be valuable to see if a specific Facebook Ad, a website/backlink, or type of device is responsible for producing the most value.

In other words, single touchpoint vs. multiple touchpoints attribution per channel does not bring enough information to make an important business decision such as redesining our funnel or to invest more in a particular channel or website.


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Leo Celis