Why do you need to advertise on Instagram? With some many channels already: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, and the list go on. I can give you one compelling reason: the ads look great.

Instagram is a visual platform. It is the right place if you have compelling pictures or videos. Another good reason is that Facebook is Instagram’s parent company, which means you can use all the Facebook Business tools.

If you want to start advertising on Instagram, first you need to create a Facebook Business Manager account. You don’t need an Instagram account to advertise on the channel.

You might find a few blog posts talking about if Instagram works, or how much does it cost. Don’t trust the numbers; don’t compare the average with your particular case.

In my case, running Lead Ads (embedded forms in the ad), the acquisition cost was a bit higher on Instagram.

However, Instagram has a significant advantage over Facebook: it allows users to share the Leads Ads, which would lead to more acquisitions.


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Leo Celis