Automate your marketing with a DMH. Advertise via a DSP. Track user events in a DMP. Use a CDP to track customers. Use a BI to learn from your data. Improve the user experience with a DAS. Expand to multiple channels with an MCCM.

We, in the ad tech / martech space, love to use acronyms. They sound cool and helps us to navigate an already complex ecosystem. You can use this post as a quick reference to understand the core terms in the martech space.

DMH: Digital Marketing Hub. It is a marketing automation platform, used in the early stages of the customer journey. Example: HubSpot.

CRM: Customer Relationship Manager. Stores all customer data and interactions (i.e., purchases) in one place. Example: Salesforce.

DSP: Demand-side Platform. It allows you to buy ad placements on different channels. Example: Facebook Ads.

CDP: Customer Data Platform. A single platform (data warehouse) to centralize data. Example: Segment.

DMP: Data Management Platform. For tracking anonymous users across multiple channels. It is for early-stage data before a user converts into a customer. Example: Neustar

BI: Business Intelligence. You can use a BI tool to learn from your users and customers data and make informed business decisions. Example: Knowi.

DAS: Digital Analytics Software. It tracks and aggregates data about user behaviors. It is used to analyze and optimize customer journeys. Example: Mixpanel.

MCCM: Multichannel Campaign Management. It helps with the creation and execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns (search, social media, email, mobile.) Example: Adobe Marketing Cloud.

There is no a 1:1 relationship between terms and products. There are products like HubSpot that is both a DMH and a CRM.


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Leo Celis