On Feb 11, 2015, Facebook rolled out a new metric called “Relevance Score“. The relevance score is a rating from 1 to 10. It is an estimate, based on the current positive/negative reactions from users.

Facebook says the higher is the ranking, the less can cost to reach people In my experience, I haven’t seen this.

Facebook also says it could be an indicator of ad fatigue. I haven’t seen this either: the more times an ad was shown to the same audience (frequency), the better results I saw.

You care about branding/engaging or performance results, and a higher relevance score won’t be guaranteed you an increase in any of them.

That’s why Facebook is breaking down the metric into three new metrics:

  1. Quality ranking: it is being measured based on users’ feedback, compared to other ads targeting the same audience.
  2. Engagement rate ranking: it is an estimate of users interacting (clicks, reactions, comments) with an ad.
  3. Conversion rate ranking: it is an estimate of users converting (i.e., completing your optimization goal, wether is visits, leads, or purchases.)

Among the three -from the Performance Marketing point of view- the Conversion rate ranking is the most attractive one. Facebook will tell you how likely it is that your ad will convert compared to other ads in the same users’ cohort.


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Leo Celis