Fake email is not about Mr. Bill Gates granting you USD 5 MILLION.

Fake email, also known as disposable email, allows you to create a fake email address and receive emails.

Why do you need a throwaway email? Besides impersonating billionaires, which is illegal and wrong, they are a way to protect your domain from spam blacklists and keep your real email safe.

What is the right way to use a fake email? If you need to try different marketing tools, register to multiple blogs, perform functional testing on your landing pages, you need an email account. It is just annoying to use your real email address (which will be flooded with soon to be unwanted emails) or to log in into multiple email accounts.

How do I create a disposable email address? There is a great tool called TempMail, where you can come up with any username and choose from a pre-defined list of domains.

Fake email

To test it, send an email to the new fake email address you just created.

Fake email

If you need to use multiple disposable email services, try “Fake Email Generator“.

Fake email might not be the right term here. It should be called test emails, for example. Still, they are a powerful tool in your martech toolbox for research and test activities.


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Leo Celis