White Ops and ANA recently launched the Bot Baseline Report.

Bots are viewing and clicking our ads and spending our advertising money. The estimate losses for this year 2019 is $5.8 billion. The threat is real, measurable and evolving.

What were the highlights from the report? Companies are becoming more aware and acting to prevent advertising fraud.

Among the actions taken by the companies are 1) Ads.txt implementation, 2) traffic sources validation, 3) programmatic platforms developing fraud prevention systems.

The industry is working together now. Platforms and publishers are partnering with cybersecurity experts to invalidate bot traffic.

It is worth to mention that most of the advances were made on the desktop reign. Fraudulent operations are shifting to mobile and connected TVs.

Ad Fraud is real. There are people faking traffic, views, clicks using sophisticated bot farms. There is a cost to build and maintain these bots, but the revenue from the money we are spending on ads it is paying for the operations.

My recommendation is that you start with the White Ops Ad Tech products. Learn more about them, contact them, begin the journey to protect your advertising dollars.


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Leo Celis